Image of Jennifer Lisa "Garrettsville"
  • Image of Jennifer Lisa "Garrettsville"

Jennifer Lisa "Garrettsville"

by Jennifer Lisa

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$4 / 20 pages
B&W w/ 2 Color Screen Printed Cover / 8.5" x 5.5"

From Lisa:
"Garrettsville is an autobiographical comic of my childhood in Garrettsville, OH. It's about growing up there as a near-invisible introvert and how that has shaped who I am. It's about how knowing every inch of a place isn't all it's cracked up to be.

This started out as a submission for kuš's open call for their "Villages" themed issue. Weeks before the deadline I had given up on submitting something. Then on the final day before the deadline they extended the deadline an extra day. I saw this as a sign. I had to tell this story! I took the day off work, walked my buns to the coffee shop and worked on it all day and all night. Unfortunately, I didn't finish it in time.

Flash forward 6 months and Garrettsville was still unfinished. Thankfully I was invited to submit a minicomic to Dog City's third box anthology. I picked Garrettsville back up and took it as an opportunity to get it out into the world. I am happy I gave this story the time it deserved.

It's my most personal work to date and I'm really proud of it."

You can can check out more of Lisa's work over at her website.